Medicine Festival 2020

27th - 31st August | Reading, UK

LCS has partnered with Medicine Festival 2020, who are providing an incredible experience this August ~ empowering Indigenous Tribes.

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Don’t miss out, come along for an epic 5 days!

Over five days at the end of August 2020, we invite you to connect with activists, artists, thought leaders, story tellers, scientists, policy makers, innovators, healers, indigenous elders, wisdom keepers, cosmic fools, musicians and DJs to inspire and empower the deep regeneration of our hearts, our communities and our world.

Graham Hancock | Bruce Parry | Peia | Satish Kumar | Gaudi | Ayla Schaffer | & more...

From traditions including the Yawanawá (Brazilian Amazon), Druidic (UK), Aboriginal (Australia), Kichwa (Ecuador), Celtic (UK), Maori (New Zealand), Hacaritama (Columbia), Buddhist, Jain, and Native American.

MEDICINE FESTIVAL 2020 ~ All profits go to Empower Indigenous peoples, Preserve and Protect their land, traditions and wisdom.


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Not only do many of the remaining Indigenous peoples of the planet act as guardians and protectors of some of the last pristine remnants of the Biosphere. They still have a culture and knowledge of how to live sustainably and successfully as a part of the natural world. They have embedded in their cultures, ‘soft technologies’ that help to deal with these spiritual and cultural challenges of selfishness, greed and apathy. The requirement for their wisdom in today’s challenging, complex world is needed more than ever.

Medicine Festival is a newly visioned gathering to inspire authentic connection and regeneration for people and planet. Our World is changing and we find ourselves in a time that holds both great peril and great promise.

Now more than ever is the time to seek new narratives, connections, skills and understanding to rekindle the fabric of community, redefine culture, celebrate the beauty and wonder of life and help us to restore our home, this sacred Earth.

Medicine invites you to come together to share the power of music and ceremony, the coherence and insights of ancestral wisdom, alongside solutions of modern technology and culture; the nourishment of food; the joy of laughter and celebration; and the inspiration of visionary thought – asking a simple question:



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