Are you a Healer? Would you like to offer your gifts to serve others?

This group is a community for Energy Healers of all backgrounds. This group provides a safe, beautiful space for both our Healers and our Main Group - as each Healer who is approved through this group is Certified and Trained.


Here, we offer places to offer voluntary Healing at the London College of Spirituality's popular Healing nights. We additionally offer special placements with charities we are affiliated with.

We are deeply grateful and appreciative of your time and service that you offer the London College of Spirituality and our Community. Your service allows hundreds of people to awaken to their Divinity and Selves through the transformative effects of Energy Healing.


For LCS to deliver events that are held and in alignment with our core philosophy, we require all our Healers during our Group Healing Nights to be Trained, Certified, and in full adherence to our Healer Ethics and Guidelines.


We have created a Healer Application Form, which requires a copy of your Certification, Personal Details and acknowledging you adhere to our Healing Ethics & Guidelines. These details will be kept, with strict confidence, on our central database. Once approved, you will have access to attend any of our Healing Nights as a Healer, and RSVP at any time. 

To keep upto date with our events, please register at meetup


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