Free Distant Healing

to those in need

Are you experiencing a severe physical illness or experiencing depression?

Are you a Healer? Would you like to offer your gifts to serve others?

We have launched a free service-orientated distant healing, focusing on specific individuals each week.

If you or you have a friend or relative who is experiencing any physical or terminal issue such as cancer or other serious condition (including severe depression) please fill out the form below. We will need simple details including a photo of the individual for healers to connect with.

If you wish to participate in offering this service:

Healers - If you wish to get involved, please click below to be part of our Healer mailing list.

Prayers - If you are not a healer yet wish to participate, you can through Prayer. 
Prayer is a powerful tool that every single soul has the ability to tap into. Please also sign up and you will receive instructions on how to participate.

To keep upto date with our events, please register at meetup


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