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The London College of Spirituality is run by heart centered wayshowers who have worked over the years holding the light for London. Explore more

Message from the Founder


Welcome to the London College of Spirituality!      


LCS belongs to each and every soul who joins us. It is Soul Family, a melting pot of souls who are awakening to their inner divinity, love, power, peace. Those who wish to create a more beautiful world for themselves and others. 


I created LCS back in 2007 to meet other like minded, open hearted people. What began as a hobby organically grew to become a huge community, reflecting the incredible amount of individuals who are feeling the same inner calling - to awaken during these times. LCS belongs to each member who is part of this community - Soul Family

LCS wouldn't be where it is today without all of the previous organisers over the years. Please explore this page to see these Trailblazers and where they are now"

~ Vaz Sriharan


2007 - Present

LCS Founder & Director


Welcome to the Love Team

Running London College of Spirituality, London Spirituality Meetup Group, Sacred Journeys & One Earth events from the heart of London.


2016 - Present

LCS Co-Organiser

Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Advanced Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor.

She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya acts as a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution. She believes in the importance of expressing authenticity and vulnerability in our lives and falling in love with our Human Nature (the light and the dark).



2007 - Present

LCS Reiki Master

LCS Reiki Master

Savitri is a Usui Reiki Master passionate about helping others awaken their energy healing gifts. Savitri has attuned over 900 Reiki practitioners with LCS. Over this time, she has become aware of the rapidly changing energy state of herself, her practitioners and the world. The new paradigm of energy work has shown Savitri that we are capable of making changes to ourselves in minutes that would have previously taken months. Savitri founded a charity, Helping Hands for Underprivileged, helping to empower children in India to break the poverty cycle. This charity also has a compassionate and new approach to helping others. For more information please visit www.hh4u.org.uk. Savitri holds workshops and consultations, for more visit www.savirama.com

Vaz is an Intuitive Channel & Spiritual Growth facilitator passionate about Spirituality, People and Planet. A former Cityworker, Vaz has been open to spirit since a child whilst also emerging through many years of depression through self development, growth and energy healing. Today he works in assisting others awaken to their inner power, love, beauty. Vaz has trained in energy healing modalities for nearly 20 years, transpersonal psychotherapy disciplines and works to continually develop, grow and expand his practice. He has a deep love for Gaia, having travelled to, lived and held retreats in many of the planet's sacred power spots, including Mount Shasta, Glastonbury, Kauai, Cuzco, Chichen Itza, Cairo, Byron Bay and the Amazon, energies of which he uses in all his work. Author of Infinite Being. www.vazsriharan.com

Previous LCS Organisers


2008 - 2015

LCS Co-Director

Aang is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, Theta Practitioner, Mentor and facilitates Workshops offering Meditations, Attunements, Healings and Energy Work. Having a previous role as a computer architect, it has enabled Aang to look at the flow of energy and understand how important it is to integrate this energy. Since experiencing a rapid awakening in 2008 that completely shifted his reality, he travelled to London and joined the London College of Spirituality in October 2008 as a volunteer while searching for others whom where on similar journeys. www.sacredheartawakening.com


2011 - 2014

LCS Co-Director

Carly is a Reiki Master, Meditation Practitioner, Sound Healer and Light Grid's Practitioner, trained by Damien Wynne (founder of the Light-Grids healing technique). Carly holds regular group Energy and Sound sessions for the Soho House Group, including Shoreditch House, Private sessions and Group Events at triyoga, Meditation Classes, Meditation in the Workplace and Sound Healing and Wellbeing Retreats in the UK and abroad. She worked as Co-Director of the London College of Spirituality hosting inspirational events and co-hosted Spiritual and Sound Healing retreats in the UK and abroad. For more information please visit www.carly-grace.com 


2012- 2015

LCS Co-Director

Lidija is a Spiritual Growth Facilitator, Mentor, Energy Healer, Intuitive and Artistic Soul. Since 2012, she has facilitated many empowering classes, workshops, retreats, community events and private sessions internationally while co-running London College of Spirituality. She is passionate about empowering, inspiring and supporting people and bringing positive change to the planet. She is known for her ability to create loving and nurturing space for people to grow and evolve in the most empowering way.


2015 - 2018

LCS Co-Organiser

Himesh has been on a journey of self discovery for many years. He’s come from a very theistic attitude but through the process of self harmonisation he has slowly steered towards the connection in all that is. Himesh specialises in connection to people and journeying into the places which we ignore. We all have special gifts to give to the world and by fostering our selves in true authentic communication on all levels, we can bring so much light into the world.



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